“"You talked of plans," he went on. "Have you got any yourself?"
“Yes,” said Snufkin. “I have a plan. But it’s a lonely one, you know.”
Moomintroll loked at him for a long time, and then he said,
“You’re thinking of going away.”
Snufkin nodded, and they sat for a while swinging their legs over the water, without speaking, while the river flowed on and on beneath them to all the strange places that Snufkin longed for and would go to quite alone.”
— Taken from ‘Finn Family Moomintroll’ by Tove Jansson

Alrighty guys! If you see this it means I am on my way to move to the other side of the country. On my own. Yay. (⊙‿⊙✿)

See you around!


ah yes the four seasons. wet, hot, halloween, and christmas

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“I don’t know, I don’t want to talk as much. It’s nicer to think dear, pretty thoughts and keep them in one’s heart, like treasures. I don’t like to have them laughed at or wondered over.”
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“Snufkin nodded. He was busy making reed boats and sailing them down the river.
“Where are they going?” asked Moomintroll.
“To places where I’m not,” Snufkin answered as, one after another, the little boats swirled away round the bend of the river and disappeared.”
— Taken from ‘Finn Family Moomintroll’ by Tove Jansson
“Introverts, man. We’re weird sometimes. Like, “I love you, but I need to go over here by myself right now.””